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Property For Sale


Both economically and substantially, the Town of Vulcan Development provides a gateway to many new businesses wanting to set foot onto the corporate stage. Set between the CPR tracks and Highway 23, the Industrial Park has a grand setting to provide a surplus of commodities for the Town and surrounding area.

With this comes a commercial sector that is both viable to the small and mid-size business structure. Located between Lethbridge and Calgary, the Town of Vulcan can be an entrance to business opportunities affordable to the professional entrepreneur.

The Town of Vulcan wants to set a benchmark as the hub of development for the County and area. With its branding plan in place, the Town is able to move forward with new ideas and initiatives to move the Town into not only an economic secure foundation, but to be the best technologically-advanced Town in Canada.

The inspiration and desire to obtain this development through colleges and government support opens a broad new area to bring Vulcan into innovative ways that will provide the business community a more efficient and quality resource to work from.

As municipalities expand and space becomes less available, Vulcan is continuing to create visible market growth in both sectors administratively and tangibly.

With a strong Chamber of Commerce   the Vulcan Business Development Society (VBDS)  and the Vulcan Brand Innovation Team (VBIT)  business within the community can find support and programs which can help get them started and achieve success through opportunities.

Residential development is also a major player within the boundaries of the Town. Currently, a large subdivision is underway and is surrounded by the Town's magnificent 18-hole golf course. Within the Town, quaint historic homes on large lots provide space, peace and tranquility.

The Town takes pride in preserving our vegetation, in particularly the large tree program and grooming. The Town continues to provide good infrastructure to support and maintain Town activity.

Communities in Bloom is an organization that takes extreme pride in sustaining the Town's floral program, and keeping the downtown core beautiful during the growing season.

So, if you're thinking of a new lifestyle and business change, consider the Town of Vulcan as your next opportunity.

For information regarding Industrial land for sale, please contact:

Nancy Neufeld
Development Officer
Phone: 403-485-2417 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Land Use By-law is a key tool used to regulate and control the use and development of all land and buildings in the Town of Vulcan. It governs the development permit approval process and all land use designation.

A Development Permit is required for most new construction and changes of land use. A development permit ensures that new development in the Town of Vulcan is well-suited to the surrounding area and meets the requirements of the Town's Land Use By-Law.

Most construction, signs and business licensing require a development permit.
When applying for a development permit, you will be required to complete a development permit application form. Your application will be reviewed. If a proposed use is listed as discretionary within the applicable land use district or a waiver beyond 10 per cent required, the application will be forwarded to the MPC (Municipal Planning Commission) for consideration.

Please note: If you are applying for a Development Permit that requires Municipal Planning Commission approval, the completed application form and required documentation must be received by the Development Officer two weeks prior to the MPC meeting. MPC meetings are held in Council Chambers the third Tuesday of each month.


Applications for building permits are acquired at the Town Office.

Once a completed building permit application is submitted to the Town Office, the application is forwarded to Superior Safety Codes for final approval and issuance. Inspections are carried out by Superior Safety Codes.

Gas, plumbing & electrical permits are issued out of the Town Office with Superior Safety Codes contracted by the Town of Vulcan for doing the appropriate inspections.


The Town of Vulcan requires that all businesses that are operating, working, providing or selling a product or service within the Town of Vulcan possess a valid Town of Vulcan business license as established under By-Law 1121.

Business licenses are valid from January 1st – December 31st of the current calendar year.

Certain professional services (eg. Lawyers, Medical Professions, and some members of trade or professional associations, etc.) are exempt by provincial or federal law from the requirement for a business license. It is you responsibility to determine if you fall under one of these categories. A license will not be issued until any applicable development or building permit or public health inspection approvals are in place.

If you have any questions, or to obtain a Business License application form, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Office.


  Resident Non Resident
Business $66.00 $132.00
Contractor $66.00 $132.00
Sub-Contractor $66.00 $132.00
Hawker or Peddler $66.00 $440.00
Transient Peddler N/A $440.00
Home Occupation $66.00 N/A
Day Licence for Companies in Town, 5 days or less excluding hawker, peddler & transient trader – Per Day $22.00 $22.00


 Term License – September 1to December 31 of current year    
Business $46.20 $92.40
Contractor $46.20 $92.40
Sub-Contractor $46.20 $92.40
Hawker or Peddler $46.20 $330.00
Transient Peddler N/A $330.00
Home Occupation $46.20 N/A
Day Licence for Companies in Town, 5 days or less excluding hawker, peddler & transient trader – Per Day $22.00 $22.00


A Home Occupation is any occupation, trade, profession, service or craft carried on by the occupant of a residence as a use that is secondary to the residential use of the lot. A Home Occupation is non-transferable; the permit is only valid for the property for which it was applied. All Home Occupations must possess a valid town-approved business license. Refer to the Land Use By-Law 1333-05 Schedule 5 for more information regarding development permit application requirements for Home Occupations.