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On behalf of the Town of Vulcan, I would like to extend greetings to all pilots
who are new to our airport and to those who have flown here before. Welcome!
The Vulcan airport is a wonderful little airport that was established in the early

The airport itself has a lot to offer, with a 2950' paved runway (16/34), a 2100'
grass runway (05/23), large lots with taxiway access, a terminal, and a great
open concept, whether you are flying in for the day or possibly considering the
Vulcan airport as the new home for your aircraft.


The airport lot sites are available to anyone who owns an aircraft and can be
leased for a dollar ($1.00) per year! Once you have leased your desired lot,
you can design and construct your building to suit your requirements. The airport
is also very close to town, and has easy access to all amenities.

With an 18-hole scenic golf course close by, the Vulcan airport flying club hosts
regular activities such as the famous fly-in breakfasts, training days for the
cadets, and club gatherings. The airport is also very close to residential lots
with homes for sale for all types of families. A curling rink, baseball diamonds,
rodeo grounds, and a great small town quiet atmosphere make the Town of
Vulcan so very special.

The Town of Vulcan offers the opportunity for the business flying specialist to
travel to his work destinations with his aircraft, while knowing that his family
and lifestyle are secure in Vulcan.

Should you require any further information on the airport please feel free to contact the Town office.