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The museum offers a look at Vulcan's past in terms of communication, heritage and medical. Explore the picture gallery featuring the John Ware family. Visit Prospect Slope School to bring back memories of rural education in the 1920's.

Vulcan Golf & Country Club

710 – 1st Street North

Vulcan Tourism and Trek Centre

115 Centre Street

In November, 1995 former Town of Vulcan Administrator brought forward the concept of creating a space themed tourist station to tap into the growing tourist market interested in Space Tourism, Science and Star Trek. The idea quickly grew into a group effort between V.A.S.T. (Vulcan Association for Science and Trek), the Vulcan County Economic Development, Vulcan & District Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Vulcan. The Trek Station's official grand opening was on October 23, 1998. The Station was designed to look like a landed spaceship. Clever landscaping and fibre optic lighting on the soffit of the centre enhance the illusion. Thousands of people from all over this world, and beyond, make the Trek to Vulcan to visit this unique attraction. It's not every day you see a tourist information centre shaped like a spaceship, unless of course you are in Vulcan, Alberta.

Solar Tree

Quick information about the project and its features:

150 watts of architectural lighting
The lighting was split into two groups. The first group was to light the center tubular steel structure and give it a futuristic atmosphere. Some have said it looks like a transporter portal from the future.
The second stage of lighting is from the front side of the structure to light up the transparent acrylic leaves and give some color at night to the structure.

The design was created to mimic nature. Some people say it looks like a tree and some say it looks like a flower. Either one is right as it was created to be artistic with a futuristic touch.

The project has Solar Photovoltaic built into the design of the structure. These modules absorb the suns energy and convert it into a flow of electrons which is then used as electricity. The modules create DC electricity which is then converted into usable AC electricity through micro-inverters. The project design has five solar PV modules each generating 250 watts DC. This production is then converted into AC electricity at 215 Watts for each leave.

The project generates 1075 AC watts through five solar PV modules. The solar PV system has built in monitoring to allow the Town of Vulcan to track its production and also be notified of any possible issues relating to the electrical energy generation sustainability.

The project generates more than enough electricity to power itself and surplus extra energy. When the sun shines during the day the electricity created is exported to the power grid via wiring in the ground. This exported electricity then passes through the retailers’ electrical meter. The meter then accounts for the exported electricity in credits.
At night when a majority of the electricity is needed down in our Tourism hub. The lighting uses up some of the electrical credits we stored during the day. The extra credits are applied to the other electrical loads the town operated off that same Electrical meter.

Kinette Walking Path  

Nearly 20 years ago the Vulcan Kinettes Club started the Vulcan Kinette Walking Path. The path runs a total length of 5 km along the southwest outskirts of the Town of Vulcan.

Bell Park

Bell Park is located on the corner of Centre Street and 2nd Avenue South showcasing the Town Bell. The bell originated in 1914 when the Town of Vulcan built a new fire hall and stable. In 1919 a Curfew Ordinance was put in place. The bell was rang in the evening when the curfew started. Also situated in the park is the bronze bust of Spock and Leonard Nimoys hand print to commemorate Spocks (Leonard Nimoy) historic visit to Vulcan April 23, 2010.

Vulcan Starship Enterprise

The Vulcan Star ship FX6-1995-A, a replica of the original Star ship Enterprise was officially unveiled on June 10, 1995. The star ship was named after the Vulcan airport identifier "FX6" from the Canadian Flight Supplement. The 1995 stands for the year it was created, an "A" signifies the first project launched in pursuit of the Science and Trek theme throughout the country.

Town of Vulcan

We boast great health services, accommodations, recreation, attractions, schools, professional and personal services just to name a few. We invite you to explore Vulcan’s frontier, a community that offers you an experience from out of this world!

Mayor Tom Grant


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