Meet Your Councillors

Message from the Council


The Town of Vulcan Council is made up of local citizens who are elected by the community to sit as a Town Councillor. Councillors are elected by the Town of Vulcan residents to represent their views, visions and values for the future. The Mayor and Councillors work to ensure that decisions mirror community needs and interests.

Your Elected Officials


Tom Grant /Mayor


Lyle Magnuson /Councillor


Richard DeBolt /Councillor


Will Smith /Councillor


Judy Sanderson /Councillor


Barbara Moore Coffey /Councillor


Cole Dunham /Councillor

Town of Vulcan

We boast great health services, accommodations, recreation, attractions, schools, professional and personal services just to name a few. We invite you to explore Vulcan’s frontier, a community that offers you an experience from out of this world!

Mayor Tom Grant


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