When is PorchFest Vulcan?

Saturday, June 24th  1 PM - 8 PM.  

The schedule will be released a few days before the event because there are always changes as the event nears and we wouldn't want you walking around Vulcan with the wrong information. A few weeks before the event we should be able to publish bands and porches

Where does it take place?

Vulcan, Alberta around the Central hub being the Pool Park. Our event is spread across the entire neighborhood.


How does it work?

Porchfest is much more an day of coordinated yard performances than it is a conventional festival. There's no real boss, no specific enclosed or protected area, and everything you see, eat, or experience exists only because someone decided to step up and make it happen. All of our day-of operations and oversight gets delegated to our volunteering neighbors and guests, making every porch host, performer, vendor and attendee a de facto co-creator and real-time manager of the event. The organizing committee, such that it is, exists only to manage basic front-end logistics, coordinate performances, and promote the day.

For attendees, all normal rules of law and order apply and, just like any other day, everyone remains responsible for their own behavior and welfare when moving from yard to yard. Wander around, keep yourself safe, and watch out for others. Pretty simple.



 Will there be Food and Drink

We have arranged for Food Trucks to be located at the Hub of the event and if you follow the map provided you should pass by the food trucks a couple of time during the afternoon.


How Can I Support PorchFest Vulcan

Although we are a Free Event, we need your Support by tipping the Performer! Only Feature performances are paid, so support all the performers.   You can donate to the Vulcan Recreation Department.



I want to play or host a band.

All you have to do is register. Musicians  please register on our online form, click the button to the right. Porch/yard hosts please  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 403-485-6659

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Why can’t I choose my time to host or perform?

The short answer is we’ve simply grown too big. Porchfest is an all-volunteer operation. Scheduling the performances across the neighborhood in balanced time slots, ensuring they don’t conflict with other performers nearby, and then connecting each performer with their respective host requires weeks of logistical.

Instead, we ask that all participants — hosts and performers alike — simply clear their calendars for the afternoon and submit themselves to the benevolent forces of the greater good. Fully embodying, as we all seek to do, the spirit of radical generosity and good will that’s come to define what Porchfest is all about.


Why just one, 45 minute performance per porch?

There are certainly logistical benefits but, for the most part, it's because Porchfest is as much a community-building endeavor as it is a celebration of music so getting people out and about is key. When people camp out all day at any one address it works against the underlying point of the event, which is a shifting, ever-evolving carnival of interactions and experiences. Not a collection of distinct, day-long yard parties.



Porchfest 2023
Porchfest map 2023

 Performers 2018


Free Beer

1 2 3's Company

CCHS School Rock Band

Milne Street Disaster

Calysto Steel Band

Artimis Summer

The Dixieland Dudes

Johnny Chase




 Performers 2019


Free Beer

1 2 3's Company

The Dixieland Dudes

Kevin and Maureen Webster

Vulcan Ukulele Group

Mike Hameluck

IRERI Smiles Mexican Folkloric Ballet


Blackfoot Hourse Theives Powwow Dance Group

European Touch

The Kimberlites


Performers 2021

Two’s Company

Champion Clearwater Revival    

Mike Hameluck                                

Rockabilly Cruise             

Al Young Singer/Songwriter                        

Bass Man Shan                 

Kevin & Maureen Webster         

Jenny Allen & Peter Loughlin  

Performers 2022

IRERI Mexican Forkloric Ballet

Rockabilly Cruise

Paul Wood

Brabec Brothers

John Wort Hannam

Mike Hameluck

Voice of Ledgends




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